This will take some time

September 22, 2008

The page this is linked to has a lot of information. But it is worth the time.


Dr. William J. Ward, a.k.a DR4WARD,
currently teaches integrated marketing communications / 360 degree branding and international marketing in the College of Business at Alfred University. 

Who knew Batman’s butler had a university. But I digress.

Read the post. It scans quick. You get the gist of what DR4 s up to. But the videos he linked to take some time to watch. They are worth that time.

The first video takes 4 minutes and 32 seconds. It helps understand what is different about information on the web. I mean it really helps. Seriously.

The second video takes 5 minutes 29 seconds. It looks at what can be done with information on the web.

A question to ponder. If you tried to communicate all the information presented in these two videos could you do it in 10 minutes? Could you present all the information, with the impact of these videos, in 10 minutes?

The third video is 9 minutes and 30 seconds of scary stuff. This is “The World Is Flat” but with out Friedman’s happy face.

Video number four is 4 minutes and 44 seconds. DR4WARD asks, “Does this video accurately reflect your learning experience”? I have another question. How do you think the people in this class get their news? Will the introduction of social media into college instruction influence the consumption of news? Ooops, that’s two. I would love to discuss this video in class (HINT Mr. Heldman HINT)

The fifth video is a test of your curiosity. It is an hour and 6 minutes long. Yikes! It is a classroom presentation by the man who put together videos one, two and four. Dr. Wesch is a professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University. No cattle are harmed in the course of the lecture.

The last video is one man’s attempt to bring social media into the classroom. Good stuff but the vieo kept hanging up on me. Stupid technology. Paper and pencil are much more reliable.

I give this site two thumbs up and Joe Bob says go check it out.


My friend is right, I am righter

September 20, 2008

Jelena is right. Papers are much healthier outside of the United States and their future is bright. But, and you knew there was going to be one of those, that is in the forseeable future.

The American newspaper industry knew that the media was changing in the 70’s. But they thought they were smart enough and strong enough to direct the changes to their favor. Right up until the bottom started falling out of everything the confidence of newspapers was evident in how derisively they treated those who suggested that the internet might cause some changes in their business model.

Historically technology changes culture. Think of all the cultures that were centered on the horse. Those who believe they are not influenced by what goes on in the rest of the world are the ones who usually have to go through a lot of self-inflicted suffering before they re-learn this lesson. 

Hopefully those outside the United States and Great Britian will learn from our faliures and what ever comes from the chaos we are entering.

Changing conventional thinking

September 20, 2008

The question of how the national politic conventions should be covered, or if they should be covered is not new. They have long been an extended well-controlled PR event with no significance. That the are treated as if they are a news worthy event lends to the hype but does not change the reality.

Jeff Jarvis says enough is enough. 8,000 journalists have been laid off this year and yet the money spent to provide coverage for both conventions is astounding.

This isn’t neccissarily a New Media vs Old Media controversy. Lots of bloggers joined in the frenzy. But it does point out a big problem in the present “world view” of news. Covering Politics is not the same as covering what is important. But it is easier.

Not quite on topic but it is on target

September 3, 2008

We are all Keynesians Georgians bloggers now. Here is a post by a professional blogger with the surprising title, “What Makes for a Good Blog”.

If you are new to the blogging thing this may give you a place to start. Where it states the obvious don’t zip by the thought. Remind yourself to commit to what works.

Above all this should be fun. It’s you saying what you think about things great and small. Enjoy the ride.