Changing conventional thinking

The question of how the national politic conventions should be covered, or if they should be covered is not new. They have long been an extended well-controlled PR event with no significance. That the are treated as if they are a news worthy event lends to the hype but does not change the reality.

Jeff Jarvis says enough is enough. 8,000 journalists have been laid off this year and yet the money spent to provide coverage for both conventions is astounding.

This isn’t neccissarily a New Media vs Old Media controversy. Lots of bloggers joined in the frenzy. But it does point out a big problem in the present “world view” of news. Covering Politics is not the same as covering what is important. But it is easier.


One Response to Changing conventional thinking

  1. lbooth says:

    It is amazing to see in this day and age that we still have such messed up priorities. What is really sad is that with all this coverage what are they going to talk about when the election is over, and more so are they going to have anyone left to cover it. This is only my second presidential election where I get to actually go vote (not to show my age or anything), but I don’t remember the elections ever being this big of a deal before. (With the exception of the whole Bush/Gore Florida thing obviously). To make matters worse how much of all this coverage is full of mudslinging and unbiased soap box ranting. We have reached a tipping point (nod to Dr. BR) and I for one am ready to turn of the computer and television, put down the newspaper, and just let it all go.

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