Ah, there’s good news tonight

I guess one could try to put a positive spin on almost anything. Ken Doctor trys to find the pony in the pile of horse dung:

The only good news for publishers here is that lenders really don’t want to push publishers into bankruptcy, knowing that they don’t have much opportunity to make more of the assets than the current managers. Further, the wider financial squeeze means that ailing newspaper debtors are now one of the lesser problems many banks are juggling. There may be some shelter in wider misery.

The sad news is that the economic melt down is putting the squeeze on newspapers. Is there the possibility of good news coming out of this? Is it possible that local ownership of newspapers may make a comeback as they become less desirable a corporate acquisitions and affordable for some kind of local consortium?

Is it possible that a news gathering organization that is less tethered to maximizing revenue for a corporation might be able to serve its local readers needs better?

Is a failure of the corporate model of news ownership necessarily a bad thing for local news?

This is a horrible time for many good people. No one knows what the outcome of all this will be. Without disparaging the former corporate model is it too naive to think that the end result of this painful mess may be a better journalism product?


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